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PAT (Physical Aromatic Touch)
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  PAT is an advanced way to tune into your body's innate 60-90 minutes $95.00 PAT is an advanced way to tune into your body's innate
intelligence, employing theĀ  intelligence, employing the powerful sense of touch and smell. This systematic method uses specific essential oils as a stimulum to assess a body's response in each of seven targeted areas. The goal is to determine which essential oils will be the most beneficial to an individual's particular condition. The body's response to each unique oil indicates which system needs additional attention. Experience has shown that PAT can get to the root of health issues, as well as indicate which oils can support the body in ushering out pain and discomfort....permanently.
Essential oils are applied to the feet, pain level and mobility levels are recorded to identify the challenged areas. Then, the oils can be applied in a particular manner on the spine.
Using very pure essential oils applied on the feet and along the spine, we strive to balance your structural system and relax the muscles and nerves so that vertebrae can ease back into place. This is very good to eliminate or ease pain and reduce inflammation and enable body to be more flexible.


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