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Resonance Repatterning
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  Resonance Repatterning (RR) is a technique designed to identify unconscious patterns we resonate with, 60-90 minutes $125.00 Resonance Repatterning (RR) is a technique designed to identify unconscious patterns we resonate with, or are “in tune” with, that keep us in limitation in any aspect of our lives. Once acknowledged, these patterns can transform into healthy, conscious patterns (higher frequencies) that serve us well. We can then experience empowerment, joy, confidence, higher energy, peace, freedom, clarity, hope.
Resonance Repatterning
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Resonance RepatterningĀ® (RR) is a technique that identifies and transforms blockages in the body’s energy pathways that manifest in undesirable mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The majority of these blocks are unconscious. Through a variety of techniques such as use of muscle checking, and the modalities (or treatment methods) of essential oils, sound and color, breathing patterns, movements, and others, RR clears conscious and unconscious pathways and restores energy’s natural flow throughout the system.
This process helps identify and release unconscious beliefs and habits that limit each person's potential. Some limiting beliefs and behaviors that can be addressed include smoking, anxiety or stress related issues such as inability to focus, confusion, emotional distress or depression, and a variety of physical ailments. Clearing these restrictive beliefs and behaviors enhances an individual’s ability to experience feelings of empowerment, joy, confidence, peace, freedom, clarity and hope. RR was developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth. After two decades of studying Western healing methods and traditional Asian therapeutics such as polarity therapy, acupuncture, and edu-kinesiology among others, Wordsworth developed the RR system for identifying and changing her clients’ resonance, in turn changing how they experience life.


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